"To call Vandall anything less than a vocal leviathan would be an understatement. She possesses a vocal range that encompasses everything from the melodically euphonious to the raw and gritty." (Music Connection Magazine - USA) 

"the beautiful singer with the golden throat" (Metal Maidens - Netherlands) 

"Liz Vandall has one of the most powerful voices in all of music, period!...One of the GREATEST singers in the world!!! (The Michael Anthony Show - USA) 

"...clear, commanding voice..." (Metal Forces - UK) 

"...has a superb voice and can belt out the rockers with force and vehemence and in turn deliver a melting ballad." (Rock City News - USA) 

"Liz is surely the best female vocalist in the world!" (Insectomor - Yugoslavia) 

"a rare and exciting talent" (Boulevard - UK) 

"Liz's voice is one of the best female voices I've ever heard in my whole life" (Horror Infernal Magazine - Germany) 

"For vocals, Uli used the talents of Liz Vandall, who has the most amazing voice I think I have ever heard live... certainly puts Klaus to shame on the classic 'Sails of Charon', and makes the out-of-date sentiments (or maybe not so out of date given recent events in Asia) of 'Hiroshima' come alive." (Dave Wood - 

"There is a difference between a voice and a Voice. A voice can be heard in almost any bar or club any night of the's sound does not hold listeners in breathless anticipation of the next note to emerge from the singer's lips. In contrast, a Voice demands to be listened to. It's power and sweet purity can cut through the stale air of a club in seconds, the way a lightening bolt cleanses the atmosphere...Voices are possessed by a rare this list may now be added the name of one Liz Vandall...fantastic power and range...dynamic stage presence..." (Screamer Magazine - USA)


"Liz Vandall, you have blown me off my feet, you're just an unbelievable singer!!" (G. Banks - Hertz, England) 

"The singer has a totally awesome voice..." (P. Sims - Oxford, England) 

"The singer is a serious threat for the best female singer ever" (G. Loegler - Germany) 

"Liz Vandall is such a gem, such a powerful voice. She's not only beautiful...I only wish more female fronted bands sounded this good." (P. Samuels - West Midlands, England) 

"...vocals are fantastic..." (J.A. Dawal - Union City, CA) 

"...fabulous singing and musical abilities..." (J. Kerns - Dublin, Ireland) 

"I think she has the most beautiful voice in any musical format. She definitely takes your (Uli Jon Roth)musical compositions to the next level of sophistication" (Mitch - Northridge, California) 

"The vocals were superb..." (Joe's Imports - Lynwood, WA) 

"Liz, you are great, too great!!! The best singer of the universe!!!!! most favorite vocalist on earth!! Your voice is very shocking to me...has wonderful power...I feel tremble...vocalist like you long in coming." (H. Fujimoto - Japan) 

"Your voice FRIED my brain" (R.Briere - NY, USA) 

"Incredible beautiful voice!" (D. Borg - Sweden) 

The music is absolutely beautiful. Amazing vocals. (Jean - OR, USA) 

"You're music sounds wonderful and you have a beautiful voice!" (J. Durant - TN, USA) 

"I was amazingly impressed with your music - which I enjoyed listening to immensely" (E. Rhodes, NY,USA) 

"You have a magnificent voice" (Michele - France) 

"Your music is Awesome" (Vincent - CA, USA) 

"It is great knowing that such a talent as yours exists. You're amazing!!!" (Rudy - Los Angeles, CA, USA)